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BOGIS Software for yield and profitability assessment of your biogas system. Fermenter Or a bioreactor in which specific micro-organisms are fermented under optimum conditions.
Biogas Combustible gas which is produced by fermentation of biomass. Silo (Tower silo or bunker silo) serves to store animal feed, silage (corn, etc.)
Biogas system BGS generates biogas by means of fermentation of biomass. Oracle One of the world's largest software manufacturers of database systems.
Biomass Denotes mixtures of substances in which living organisms are involved and/or generated. SaaS Software as a Service, a subsection of Cloud Computing, services are utilised by customers on a rental basis.
BGS Abbreviation for biogas system Cloud Computing Dynamically provides the customer with the complete IT requirement via a network.
CHP Combined heat and power plant. A system, which is modular in design, for the production of energy and heat EEG 2012 German Renewable Energy Law - 2012 version - Feed-in and remuneration regulation.
Fermentation Fermentation of micro-organisms in the fermenter (reactor) of a biogas system (BGS). Substrate bonus The substrates used in a biogas system determine the feed-in tariff class.